Operation Cookie 2011

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge supporter of the Girl Scouts. I think it’s a wonderful organization that does a great job at empowering girls.

During Girl Scout Cookie time, I take pleasure in helping my daughter sell cookies. We go door to door, we have a booth with our troop, and we send Daddy to work with an order form and cookies. But what we really strive to do is support Operation Cookie. Operation Cookie is a program within the Girl Scout Cookie Sale in which people buy cookies and they are shipped to deployed soldiers and wounded soldiers in Veterans’ and Military Hospitals. It is the goal of the Girl Scouts to place one box of cookies into the hands of every deployed or injured soldier serving his or her country.

This is a cause that is very close to our hearts. When Mag was born, her Godfather was deployed in Iraq. We made it a point to send him care packages from home as often as possible as we knew the creature comforts of home were few and far between. When it was Girl Scout Cookie time, we made sure he had enough to share. And it meant a lot to him. So we like to share that feeling with guys and girls serving overseas who may not have someone sending them stuff all the time.

While some girls sell cookies by the box, Mags and I take a different approach. We sell by the case! For $42, you can provide 12 soldiers with yummy Girl Scout Cookies! What a bargain! In the 2011 Cookie Sale, Mags sold a whopping 22 CASES of cookies for Operation Cookie! We are so proud of her!  (Nope, this is NOT a sales pitch! But keep us in mind for next year! Each year, we try to exceed the previous year. It’s going to be tough topping 22 cases in 2012!)

Above is a shot of the girls in our Service Unit who sold cookies for the soldiers. Good job, RPSU girls!


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